Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 4 of 30

Well, things kind of fell apart today. I really didn't do well & kind of just gave up - not ice cream gave up, but chips gave up. So let's analyze. Emotional Intelligence is not about trying & failing & then trying again just to fail again. Raising your EQ requires failing & then evaluating & then goal setting & THEN working the plan again. Evaluating is a primary ingredient to raising one's EQ. So where did I fail to plan today? 1) I didn't sleep well - first problem - I was up until 2 am. So I need to take my Calms around 10 pm EVERY night. It does not harm so there is NO reason not to. 2) I didn't plan out my meals today so when my husband's computer broke first thing in the morning it meant I needed to get ready quickly, go shopping for hours, navigate Costco (which I was good through Costco - no samples, no food!) But then I was too hungry which meant I came home & made not great choices & then when I left the house with Emily I made worse choices. No plan for dinner, which meant eating out, which meant eating cheap - nothing good can come from eating cheap! So tomorrow - Friday. I will go to sleep early tonight. And when I go to our family lunch tomorrow I'll eat an omelette & coffee. I will eat MR throughout the rest of the day, have them with me & drink TONS of water first thing. That is my plan for tomorrow! I can do this!! 

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  1. You can do this Wendy! I believe in you. We all have our off days, it means we are human. Stay strong!