Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To bite or not to bite . . .

So as I sat at lunch staring at the strawberry shortcake I thought of how much I still romanticize food. I had planned on not having a bite but when I saw it I felt I had to at least try it. And then when I tried it it was too sweet which then made it easier not to eat any more of it. But then I go back and think "see you shouldn't of even had a bite". But then I think "if you didn't have a bite you wouldn't know that you didn't like it and then it would've just felt like you had missed out". So the question is - is it better to have a bite and choose not to eat anymore or is it better to not eat a bite and deal with the feelings of deprivation?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back to Blogging

Just dropped off the kids with grandma and having an immense Hallmark food moment craving. It feels like such a waste not to go use this time to have a beautiful breakfast with hot coffee in peace. It's not that I'm hungry it just feels like a waste of an opportunity. I call it a Hallmark food moment. Here's the other story I tell myself - I'll work better if I sit down with coffee and a snack and I get myself all laid out at a restaurant or in a cafĂ© and it'll be so much easier to work. I wait for food to give me the endorphin rush to become motivated to work.