Monday, January 30, 2012

BL Contest

So I've been in a torturous rut for a year. I have been on/off program about 100 times & I keep thinking I'll figure this out. I don't blog because I'm sick of hearing myself say the same things. But tonight I re-read the beginning of my blog & I'm so impressed with how ON PROGRAM I was. I had such dedication to my health & my journey & I wasn't going to blow it.

I began a Biggest Loser contest locally and I have had 103 people sign up so far - and this is just with about a month of publicity. WOW! So in two days I have to go stand up in front of a bunch of people & talk a little about my journey. I know that in the three months this runs I should be the biggest loser - will I be? I'm feeling a lot of responsibility to do this - to perform - to be an example of this wonderful program.

There have been two entries in this blog that I won't post but that outline the struggle I have with my eating needs vs. my family's wants & I'm going to have to work this out - even tonight I gave in. I am going to have to be firm & grumpy & do what I have to do to take care of myself. At least I don't have family members bringing home donuts - that would be awful but this isn't easy either. Anyway, I'm back online & I will be posting a lot during the next three months - I need to clear my head & remember what's important!!