Friday, October 1, 2010

I'd like a side of heartburn with that please

My friend was saying how hard it is to stay on program when trying to be a good hostess. My question is, "Which one of these guests asked for fattening or sugary foods?" I know from a guest's perspective that it's tantalizing and seemingly wonderful to show up and have decadent desserts or lots to choose from but I also know when I go home I beat myself up for eating what I ate, for not sticking to my "diet" of the month, for having seconds or thirds or for playing "stuff the piñata" with myself again. When I go to someone's house where I know they will make healthy food and a sugar free dessert I don't go home feeling miserable. I feel satisfied and happy that I didn't do bodily harm. And since the majority of Americans are overweight and upset about that, how is serving fattening or sugary foods at a dinner party the makings of a good hostess? Isn't it really the opposite? Aren't you actually setting your poor guests up for an evening of misery? Either heartburn, acid reflux, blood sugar diving and/or emotional turmoil? I in no way feel guilty for serving a beautiful salad with quality ingredients, a nice bottle of wine and a sugar free homemade apple pie to my guests. I'm not sure how that makes me a "bad" hostess. No, no one is accusing me of being a bad hostess but isn't that the natural logical progression? If they can't stay on plan because being a "good" hostess means cooking fatty sugary foods then . . . Just something to think about.